Is the Affordable Care Act….affordable?

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Although the Affordable Care Act is a very complex piece of legislation that addresses many aspects of health care one of the main objectives was to make healthcare more affordable for everyone.  However, there is great debate on this topic. For many of us our health insurance premiums are on the rise and most plans have high deductibles.  That means we are all on the hook for a greater percentage of our healthcare costs.  Is that better for everyone?  Nobody knows yet.

Here are links to some articles that address these very issues:

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There are people who will pay less under Obamacare.  But, at what expense to everyone?  Here is a look at one person’s cost savings.

Only time will tell what the economic impact of Obamacare is to you and me.  Hopefully, it will create a more affordable healthcare system.  Unfortunately, the early predictions are that costs are on the rise for all of us.

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