jlewisI am the creator and developer of Discussing Healthcare.  My name is Joshua Lewis, MD and Discussing Healthcare is the product of my experiences in medicine, both as a physician and a patient.  I want to invite anyone who is interested in healthcare to see it from the inside through discussions with people that are involved in healthcare.  I want the mystique that surrounds healthcare to diminish.  I want physicians and patients to have a better understanding for each other and a better understanding of the medical system.

Discussing Healthcare is an open forum to discuss important issues within healthcare. We will discuss issues related to cost, policy, health and wellness, patients, physicians, the structure of the healthcare system, and many more.

Please remember, Discussing Healthcare is not a forum to discuss personal medical problems and it is not a venue to consult with a physician about specific medical problems.

Thank you for visiting Discussing Healthcare.  If you have any questions, concerns, or have something to contribute please contact me at jlewis@discussinghealthcare.com.