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Kevin Pho, MD

Kevin Pho, MD operates one of the most respected blogs on the web, KevinMD.com. He is a practicing internal medicine physician who is an expert in social media and physician online reputation. Dr. Pho has dedicated himself to advancing the practice of medicine by utilizing the technologies that most of us use everyday…computers and the internet. The practice of medicine is rooted in tradition and before Dr. Pho innovators in medicine were known for discovering new treatment modalities, describing a new disease process, or curing an incurable disease. Dr. Pho has leveraged his knowledge as a physician and is applying his skill to popular culture by giving medicine a voice in social media. There are many physicians who blog and create content on the web, but none have been as successful as Kevin Pho, MD.

Dr. Pho understands that physicians need to reach patients where they live and interact everyday. There are over 1.2 billion people on Facebook alone. Dr. Pho feels that physicians should make an effort to reach people on social media platforms such as Facebook. He believes that patients in the future will partly obtain healthcare remotely by use of computers, the internet, or live video. How social media will be utilized in the future of healthcare is unknown, but we as physicians should take control and help shape that future.

Establishing-Managing-and-Protecting-Your-Online-ReputationKevin Pho, MD has co-authored a book titled “Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices.” The book title explains the basic premise of the book. But, there has not been an authoritative document on these topics prior to the release of this book. Dr. Pho has helped outline how physicians can take advantage of the resources available on the interenet to further their practice. No doubt an invaluable tool for physicians.

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South Korean Ship and Hypothermia

The horrific sinking of a ship off the shores of South Korea on Wednesday April 16th will likely result in the death of over 200 people.  475 people were on board when the ship started to sink.  There are reports that crew members on the ship told the passengers to stay where they were and as a result many passengers were trapped as the ship submerged.  There is still a rescue effort underway.  Authorities are pumping oxygen into the ship in hopes that there will be survivors.  People have survived in air pockets of sunken or overturned boats.  However, as the rescue effort continues the death toll is rising.

The question is, can anybody survive in that ship?  Well, the answer is yes…maybe.  There are really two major factors.  The first is oxygen.  As we all know, without oxygen survival is limited to minutes at best.  There are extreme cases of humans surviving under water for hours, but most will die within minutes.  Many of the people on board that ship will die from drowning as they are trapped under water without access to air (oxygen).  The second major factor is temperature. The water in that part of the ocean is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface (colder as you go deeper).  The average person can only survive 1-6 hours in 50 degree water even if they have access to air.  There are definitely factors that can improve a person’s survivability in cold water, but surviving longer than a day at that temperature is highly unlikely.  So, in order to survive there must be an area of the ship that has maintained a dry environment with plenty of air to breathe.  I hope the passengers were able to find a part of the ship that fits those requirements, but it is unlikely a large number of people will survive.

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