016 Discussing Healthcare: Why are physicians changing to concierge medicine? (part 1 of 2)


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated a very strong statement about obtaining care at retail-based clinics (RBC – clinics in pharmacies, grocery stores, etc).  They argue that the care can be suboptimal and diminishes the continuity of care that should be established with a child’s pediatrician.  It is a very interesting argument and well written.  Here is a copy of the statement:

American Association of Pediatrics: Policy Statement – Retail-Based Clinics

Mark Sexton, MD

Mark Sexton, MD

Mark Sexton, MD sat down with me to discuss an article written in TIME magazine.  The article “My Doctor, the Concierge” was written by Merrill Markoe, an Emmy Award winning writer for David Letterman and an author.  She argues against concierge medicine as only those with money can afford to obtain healthcare.  She also states that the concierge model of medicine is not consistent with the Hippocratic oath.  She makes a very strong statement and is an opinion shared by many people who are in her position, but is her opinion correct?  Well, that is what we discuss today.

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