014 Discussing Healthcare: Not Afraid to Fail (part 2 of 2)

John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA

John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA

This is the second half of an interview with John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA.  The first half was posted in Episode 012.  We do talk more about medicine, but we also discuss his book “Ingredients of Outliers.” The book is a guide to finding greatness within yourself.  Dr. Shufeldt draws from his experiences and adventures that made him a successful physician, attorney, and entrepreneur.

A well known issue in today’s healthcare environment is malpractice litigation.  As an attorney and physician, Dr. Shufeldt has a unique and interesting perspective on medical malpractice.  In his career he has consulted on malpractice cases which gives him great insight into the reality of the situation.  He and I both agree that medical malpractice has a place in medicine.   Also, he has seen the number of physicians losing malpractice cases decline in the state of Arizona.  Is that a good thing?  I guess that depends on who you ask.  I know as a physician it is more comforting, but as a patient there is a bigger obstacle to consider when filing a lawsuit.

Despite the ups and downs of being a physician, Dr. Shufeldt still enjoys his work as an emergency physician and would do it again if given the choice.  This is interesting as more than 50% of all physicians are unhappy with their job in the United States (a topic that deserves great attention).

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