013 Discussing Healthcare: Heroin’s Deathtrap – A lesson from Philip Seymour Hoffman

Frank LoVecchio, DO

Frank LoVecchio, DO

Although, the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has died he left us with an important lesson that we should not forget.  He likely fell victim to heroin.  Heroin is a drug similar to prescription pain medication and often destroys the abuser’s life.  We have learned with the death’s of Cory Monteith and Mr. Hoffman that drugs can rule the lives of both the rich and famous along with poor and mentally ill.  The deaths of Mr. Monteith and Mr. Hoffman were preventable and wasted the lives of 2 individuals with promising futures.  So, why did they become the victims of these tragic circumstances?  I’m not sure anybody can answer that question.

But, today we can try to understand more about heroin and prescription pain medication in a discussion with Frank LoVecchio, DO, a medical toxicologist who is passionate about this topic.  He gives us some insight and understanding to a horrific disease…addiction, as it relates to heroin and prescription pain medication.


Below are documentaries that highlight many of the issues with heroin and prescription pain medication:


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